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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

15-02-2017 Bong & Chiang Mai

On our second day in Chiang Mai,
our host Espen drove us a tour to
Doi Inthanon National Park~
It still looked rather sunny 
when we started the driving from the mountain foot~
But once we reached the famous chedis,
the weather suddenly became rather cloudy~
Espen drove us to two famous chedis 
that are located on the main road to the summit of Doi Inthanon.
There is elevator that tourists can use
instead of taking stairs by foots~
Right beside the chedis,
there are gardens full with beautiful plants~
We were rather lucky with some moments
with sun when we were there....
So, it was nice to see the gardens in both 
a bit sunny and gloomy weather~
A very nice sign placing at the tree
'Do not place the tree'...
what does it supposed to mean? lol!
Due to time constrain,
the two chedis were the only thing we visited
at the national park~
There are also waterfalls and other things to visit at the national park actually~
On our way back,
Espen brought us to this restaurant at
Grand Canyon~
Nice food and nice view...
not to forget,
nice name of the dishes on the menu as well~
Besides these,
we also went to the city center of Chiang Mai
for its shopping area and Sunday night market~
Thanks Espen for the nice time
in Chiang Mai~

Hope to host you or guide you next time
in Malaysia!


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