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Saturday, February 25, 2017

25-02-2017 Bong & Myanmar Trip Began

We arrived at Lake Inya
and went straight to this
little 'restaurant' right beside the lake~
We ordered a total of four dishes
(1) Stir fried chicken with bean paste
(2) Sweet & Sour fish
(3) Stir fried water spinach
(4) Chan Saing Soup
Plus mineral water and a big bottle of beer
Only 20400 Myanmar Kyat
(124 NOK, 65 MYR)
The food was pretty good.
After the lunch,
we walked a bit at the side of the lake
before we went to our hotel for checking in.
The sign says no kissing...
no romantic activities here...
But in fact,
we saw quite a number of couples dating there~
There are cameras installed in
every four light pole along the lake...
that was interesting~
After spending almost 1.5 hours
with lunch and little walk there,
we started to find our way
to go to hotel....
But first,
how to grab a taxi?
The answer is
just wave your hand to stop any taxi that passes by....
Interesting road sign...
Did you see what's so interesting about it?
The room that I booked for ourselves
was a sea view room...
After resting a while at the hotel,
we were then out to the second tourist place at Yangon...
From Hotel Novel to Shwedagon Pagoda,
it costed us 4000 Myanmar Kyat.
The traffic at Yangon is just crazily busy.
I believe it is just like that

To be continued...

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