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Friday, June 16, 2017

16-06-2017 Bong & His First Riot in Italy

We walked a little bit up the defensive wall
then back to the road on the ground again~
Suddenly we saw a sign
saying free entrance
of an art gallery...
It was a little bit scary though.
We walked in through its backyard...
because the main entrance of the building is actually
located at the 'back' of the area and not the front...
The whole building seemed kinda creepy
and old...
but since it was free,
we were just glad to see something different with no cost :)
We also passed by
Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition...
and two famous towers at Lucca,
Torre Delle Ore &
Torre Guinigi
It was funny to see that
the tower is almost 'not noticeable'
due to the narrowness of the streets there...
I also went into
Chiesa dei Santi Giovanni e Reparata
(Church of Santi Giovanni e Reparata)
and before we left Lucca,
we also had some ice creams...
at this ice cream shop named
Gelateria Santini ~
and last church visit
was this Chiesa SS. Paolino e Donato
When we bought the tickets on bus,
it costed 3.50.
But when we bought them at the counter,
it costed 0.50 Euro cheaper..
So, remember to buy the tickets at counter
and not on the bus~
After few days in Italy
with just italian food,
we wanted to eat something different...
So we went into this
chinese restaurant Xin Zhon Guo
which is near to the central station in Pisa...
and ordered a three dishes dinner
for two~
The portions were not very big,
but for a dinner of 3 dishes with drinks,
we only paid 18.10 Euro
and that was rather cheap!
For our last evening in Pisa,
we took our time
enjoying the sunset at Ponte Di Mezzo...
and in very low pace strolled back
to the guest house~
the road that we were used to
was closed...
due to some kind of riots~
So we ended up taking a bigger round
to walk back to the guest house.
According to the locals,
the riot was because of the football game...
As tourists we could feel how important football is
to the local people there~
It was so much traffic due to the roadblocks!
The next day,
we took our luggage,
walked to the nearby 
very local kind of cafe shop...
Arne didn't look so very happy
because our holiday had came to its end...
After having the breakfast,
we took the local bus
to Pisa Airport...
and sadly,
we had to say goodbye to the beautiful Italy,
and go back to the reality of life!


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