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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

25-07-2017 Bong & His Third Summer in the North (Norway - Sweden - Finland)

Last Friday,
we started our journey to the north 'Day 1'!
This time we drove through the boring
Sweden and Finland again,
because we wanted to avoid all the traffic
and roadworks...
We stopped by at Östersund
to buy some alcohol and food.
And we were so impressed with
how nice the shopping area is!
After 13 hours,
1000 KM of driving,
Arne was totally exhausted!
For our day 1,
we had our overnight at Blattnicksele Camping.
Just like other camping sites in Sweden,
we get a small cabin room,
with 2 beds,
a small fridge
and cooking utensils. 
And not to forget
the nice scenery around the whole camping site. 
The shared toilet and shower
are okay,
but the kitchen is too 'simple' I would say...
We slept for only 4 hours,
and Arne was already ready to continue the journey~
It was only less than 5 degrees
in some places that we drove by.
Some places were covered with a dense bank of fog
that we couldn't even see the road clearly~
Along the way, 
we saw a number of reindeer 
and all of them were alone,
which is strange...
We stopped at Karesuvanto
to fill up diesel...
then at Kilpis
for more food shopping...
and lunch!
We had lunch buffet
at this Kilpis Restaurant (Ravintola Kilpis)...
4-5 warm dishes,
breads and desserts...
and we paid 15 euro for each person.
While we were dining,
we had a company walking by 
to show us more of the wild life in north Scandinavian. 
After Kilpis,
we were welcomed
by the snowy mountains in north Norway!
After a total of
21 hours, 
1800 KM driving,
we finally reached our destination,

To be continued...

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