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Friday, September 29, 2017

29-09-2017 Bong & His Third Summer in the North (Spildran)

The weather was still nice,
after we had been more than 1 week at Malangen...
We had a few days with some rains,
but not that as much as last year.
With such a nice weather,
we just needed to go out
and enjoy our holiday with outdoor activities. 
Arne brought me to this place
'Spildran' inlet
to pick cloud berry!
Then we walked to the seaside,
because Arne had a wish...
He guided me,
walking through woods
with no trail or pathway...
He found a perfect spot,
made a campfire...
and enjoyed himself
soooo much with the campfire!
Guess what?
We walked though all these trees and bushes
just because Arne wanted to make campfire!
Well he had his wish realized,
and I had mine too!


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