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Friday, December 25, 2009

26-12-2009 Bong Way Kiat vs SexyMama


My first time hang out with 5.0 friends in KL
went to Times Square
watched Avatar 3D
Shopped with Kok Pei...
and Kok Pei had some 'comments' about my clubbing
I appreciate those comments...
and they made me realize that
How much have I changed...

actually No...
I never changed
I just found the other side of me
When I am with 5.0 people...
I am Bong Way Kiat
When I am with UTP friends...
I am Sexymama aka Bong
and I wouldn't choose to be one of them
because I want to be both,
or I shall say Both are also me....

Just like what Anderson said..
"Just be yourself enough dy"
So, Who am i??
"that's not a secret like Gossip girl who never tell"


Thanks to Yi Zhi and other friends as well...
concerning about my relationship status
but I can't really update u guys yet
all I can do now is wait and see...
when things are settled down..
I will update in my Facebook!
I promise


  1. Well I wonder who the mysterious person is :-) HUGGIES

  2. ha ha ha ha! from the Huggies i know who u are!


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