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Sunday, December 13, 2009

14-12-2009 F-Secure Christmas Party part 2

my lunch time dy wor..
But I suddenly have this inspiration wanna blog..
lets continue then....

Yay! Christmas..

Our singer~ Not only she sang well...she sang non stop for I dont know how many songs...
and never off pitch!

When I was choosing for pics..only then I realized..
Eh! I looked so drunk at the back there!

Khian Hui + Yeh + San Chez + Philipino friend~

Our Cute and sexy Santa!!

OMG! I never seen condom in such BIG packet!

It wasn't F-Secure event if there was no...BEER~
may be is because Ingvar loves beer~

Dancing King and Dancing Queen
UTP representatives~ huhu

Just Dance~~~~~~~
(I love the girl's expression! Totally ALIVE)

After the lucky draw..everyone rushed into the elevator!
Congraz to Kenneth for winning RM 1500 traveling voucher!
Some people continued the party at 10th floor...
People like me who use LRT sure go bek lor...
there is another video that I cannot share now.
since Kamarul only posted it in FB without sharing it in our temp folder yet!

(writing this blog with down mood actually, even though this should be a happy post)
-Only Mei Fang knows what is going on I guess-
(Anyway, recalling these party moments made me feel a bit happy now)


  1. Tell me mar, MF said by tomorrow i will get to know what's happening wor...will i?

  2. what de...
    this blog is all about the party...
    but u commented abt the last few lines pula!
    so curious meh?


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