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Monday, January 4, 2010

05-01-2010 Mama's secret exploded!

This part is dedicated for you...
(you know who u are and u know what huggies mean)

Finally finished my internship presentation
and also...
about to finish up my final report today
or tonight

Anyway... a belated wish from me
Happy New Year
the countdown was great
whether it was pre-New Year countdown
with my 5.0 schoolmates

or a New Year eve countdown
with my UTP friends
(Thanks Eileen for the pics)
*napkin 'stolen' by our innocent Philip~ *
or a New Year Celebration
with my housemates
(Waiting the pics from Rocan aka Ah Leong)
-And I still owe Mr. Kock(not Cock) for a Klang Bak Kut Teh post as well-

All celebrations were just AWESOME
and SEXY!
really glad that I have so many nice people around me in KL
but I am leaving KL soon...
a place that has made me grown up soooo much!

Anyway...time to gossip again...
Mama's secret exploded just in one day!
thanks for all your support guys...
but Mama is NOT dating with GYM..
Philip cai,
no worries
I won't steal your man from u
I promise


  1. Ohhh thank you so much for those warm Huggies, wish I was there to party

  2. Sure Huggies...
    I wish u were here too!
    and Thanks for the New Year text..
    that was really really sweet!

  3. Bong wrote:

    Philip cai,
    no worries
    I won't steal your man from you
    I promise

    man? you mean *woman*?



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