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Saturday, January 9, 2010

-09-01-2010- Bye bye Internship~

Finally 32 weeks internship has came to its end..

took one pic after I finished my presentation...

had our lunch at Old Town, Bangsar South

Originally Andrew planned to take our farewell cake from Secret Recipe
which is just next door to Old Town
but since Yeh and I also followed..
so the surprise was no longer surprise!
and CK sent the "reminder" email to all, included us
no more surprise
but still very very happy about the farewell party
because it was
Secret Recipe Cake!
Buying cake
Two candles on the cake
-Bong and Yeh GAMBETEH-

-Thanks for CK aka millionaire-

last day of internship...
had our sorta farewell lunch at Tapper's

Bye Bye F-Secure
I gonna miss u so much
(an old pic taken with another intern, Dennis)


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