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Sunday, January 17, 2010

18-01-2010 A or B?

Still remember
few years ago I posted
"Where is the love"
in my gtalk display message...
but now...
I am writing this post in my blog..
"A or B"

To A
You can't promise me anything for now


To B
I can't promise anything to you as well

A has things that I want
B also has other things that I am looking for...

Luckily I still have one year studies to distract me from all these
I really do need more time to figure out whats the best for me...

and luckily,
A and B never pushed me
A knows about B
B knows about A as well...

whatever it is...
I need to take things easy...
and let time tells me
what should I do in the future
no hurry

(Should go to sleep now...finally I have cleared my thoughts....)
( more imsonia!)

**And thanks to Aleap Omar..**
my blog is FUNNY I know...


  1. bongie~ i help u to make decision la~ choose the richest one~

  2. 哇,这里阳光太亮了,刺眼!有人在晒命!! 哈哈...

    let time decide but dun make ppl wait too long la...hahaha

  3. You always have to do what is best for your self while you are still able to do choices about who you want to be with. When you have made your choice it is hard to go back, so you should make sure it is a good choice, not only for you but for you both. People will move on if you need a lot of time to figure out who to chose, but you are still young and there will be others coming to your path even if you can not chose now. There are always good guys out there for you. Listen to your heart, but do not disconnect your brain ;)

  4. Wendy: hehe...richest one huh? let me ask both of

    Marilyn: 不是晒命啦。。just dont know what to do at this moment of time...thats why need to write it that It helped to centralize my thought! ha ha ha

    Anonymous: Not sure who u are...but dont think u are the same anonymous this time! ha ha ha

    Jia Lim: good suggestion...The problem is i am not even clear about my question and also the answers A and

    Mr B: That's what I am doing now...listen to my brain while following my heart =) I am sure people will start ask me who is Mr.

  5. What was it about Mr Einstein something with E and Z or so? I feel he never figure out the real thing but maybe he did not use his heart....
    Mr B is right, people move on in time and I only can blame myself if this happens.
    Look at your beautiful inside, stay yourself and honest, time will decide. Unless you feel unhappy with the situation there is no need to push something. HUGGIES

  6. Hooi Yee, C is u right? i will take u then =)

  7. huhu...long time no see....Hoock =)


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