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Sunday, January 31, 2010

31-01-2010 Weekend update (Week 1 UTP)

Class ended in the morning on Thursday
I didn't want to bore myself in UTP
decided to go KL to have FUN

-29-01-2010- (Friday)
Met up with old house mate Ah Leong
and at night
received updates from A
it sounded like a good news for me
but I know it would not be as easy as that...
So...the next day

-30-01-2010- (Saturday)
No updates from A at all...
in fact I have been chatting more with B
Also tried to learn swimming
since the place I stayed has this...

But I only can tried to swim using tips given by Mr Charles YEARS ago...
and I failed...
but i had fun! lol

-31-01-2010- (Sunday)
Went to swim again in the morning
i was intended to play water only
but all of sudden
surprisingly I could flow..
and swim from one side of the pool to another side..
(but kinda slow la)
anyway it was a really big progress for me already
if u know where i started with

Sang K with 5.0 friends from 11 -2pm
then chit-chat + Yam Cha + Gossip
(GOSSIP GROUP: Penguin, Abdullah Kok Pei, St Lim and mwah!)
(too bad Yi Zhi couldn't

and at night
finally A talked to me
and told me something which i was expecting...
whatever it is..
I really could not do anything....

-01-02-2010- (Monday)
Morning 5.45am
left Bkt Bintang
picked Amer, Salma, Atif and Salma's mummy from KL sentral
** from BB to KL sentral without getting stuck in traffic jam**
**the journey only took me less than 10 minutes**
finally I drove back the car to UTP dy..

even though the car is as "YOUNG" as I am
I really want to thank my uncle for giving me all these
make my life in UTP much easier
not only me
also my sing K gang
course mates
juniors ..

(,")(,") 我不是一定要你回来 只是当又一个人看海 回头才发现你不在 留下我迂回的徘徊 ; 我不是一定要你回来 只是当又把回忆翻开 除了你之外的空白 还有谁能来教我爱



  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. So who is writing for Mr A now????
    Anyway "the" Mr A will also let you know you are still in his mind and heart. There is place just need some time to accept what happend today.
    He just did not want to hurt you more at this time.

  3. is confused Mr C ;)
    Glad that you had a good time in KL. Great that you are learning how to swim. Might come in handy some prevent your from drowning ;) I will show you walrus swimming sometime. A car 21 years young is certainly not young car ;)

    (Please chose your preferred letter)

  4. ha ha ha ha
    A, B or C

    Thanks A for trying your best not to hurt me more this time =)
    I appreciate it a lot =)

    B and C
    I had a great time in KL
    and at least I can float now
    so no worries for me to play around in swimming pool when i go Bali next month =)


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