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Sunday, July 4, 2010

05-07-2010 I miss you L

First of all,
sorry to readers who wanna know about D
As I promise,
this post is supposed to be about "D"
but ...
due to some "unforeseen circumstances"
I had to blog about this L first

2 days ago
I texted L
because I was
really really missing L
I normally do not do that to any of my friends
because even though I miss them
I know that I am still in touch with them
However, this L
never picked up my calls
never replied my sms (sort of)
never answered me in messenger
I really afraid of losing L

G (a good friend of mine and L)
told me that everything will go back to normal when we all go back to campus
I really don't know
it scares me when I never heard anything from L

this post is dedicated to u
so that...
u know how much I miss u
I mean it, seriously!

I miss the time when I had to wait every night to go mamak with u
I miss the time when we went Ipoh together to sing K
watch movies
eat McD
jalan-jalan at Ipoh park at 4am
climb Keledang Hill at 6am
then eat dim sum at 7am
I miss our clubbing sessions as well
since I gave my first time to you
(I mean clubbing experience, lol~)
I miss the time when u and I had little private talks in the car....
(that's why my Cantonese improved a lot)

Anyway, just another 3 weeks before I go back to campus
I hope I am ready to see L again
after so many weeks
or months
of not catching up with L
it might be a bit strange I guess...
ha ha!

Mama misses u...
do u miss Mama?


  1. Go to JPJ, take the test again, then u will get ur L again. after that will be P.

  2. L is yoke mun, G is chang hua, rite? pm me if to tell me if wanna keep it secret here :P

  3. @ Chia Yang: ha ha ha....this is the best joke for my alphabet post! Good Job
    well...u are fast tonight! faster than my friend, Wendy
    she normally very fast in responding in all these things one

    @Wendy: ahem ahem...
    go PM u now

  4. haha, coz I am lucky tonight? any prizes for fast responding? hehe..

  5. @ Cyang: I rarely do that...but award u my precious sexy kiss la...

  6. Bong: at first i thought L is LJB, since both oso nvr pick up calls one. =.=

  7. @ S: sure I miss u too

    @ Tee: ha ha...really? LJB got send me sms wor..

  8. it's so obvious who is tis L. it's y.m. =) -- u know who i am. lol

  9. @ Anonymous: I dont think I know who u are...
    i got too many anonymous d...
    but for sure u are utpian...

  10. hahaha! not only utpian, very close wit u somemore! wat to do... i know u too well tat i can read ur mind! wakaka.

  11. from the way u speak, i think i know who u are dy =)


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