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Friday, July 30, 2010

31-07-2010 Bye A, B, C, D, E

This will be my last post using alphabets...
because recently I received quite a lot of reviews
saying that
my post will be much better
and less confusing
if I just put real names and
attach their pics.
that's possible
and I think it is almost the time to say good bye to
those "Alphabets" too.

So first part of this post is FINAL update
about A, B, C and D.
A is now back to Bangkok after the trip to Malaysia.
B is now having holiday at Norway, playing war craft or dota I don't know..
C will be going back to Australia next week...
and D still busy with the business in Paris. (Our progress is really slow, lol~)

That's all about alphabets.

The second part of this post will be using real names and real pics.
Introducing my handsome high school best friend
Cheng Yong

and also
my sexy university best 'brother' aka L
Opps, sorry, no more initial
Yoke Mun

Why only introduced two of them?
because..tomorrow is their birthday

Besides that, my dear friends Wendy Yii and Hum Xiao Min

also suggested two new nick names for me
"SexyGaga" and "GagaMama"
which one suits me better huh?
SexyGaga sounds more like praising Lady Gaga than me
GagaMama la..

Presenting u
GagaMama with McD GCB!


That's all for my first week of Final Year
Final Semester


  1. GagaMaMa! Nice one, 2nd blog wiv my name mentioned :P

  2. @ Wendy: ha ha..
    next time i blog one post for u la!

    @ Wei Han: HUhu~ Thanks...sexymama in action!


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