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Friday, January 7, 2011

08-01-2011 Bye bye Taiwan (Part 1)

"Welcome to Malaysia for non-Malaysians and welcome back home for Malaysians"
Announcement from the captain ended my Taiwan graduation trip.
Overall, I like Taiwan very very much
and this is also another country that I think I will visit it again in the future.
In short,
I am going to list ten great things that I like about this trip or this country.

(1) Sexy delicious food

Sorry, wrong pic~

阿宗面线 (Ah Chong Mee Sua)

麻薯(Mua Ji)

醉鸡 (Drunk Chicken)


蒸饺 (Steam dumpling)

All kind of sausages

and Giant Ice cream!

(2) Sexy breathtaking scenery

阳明山 (Yang Ming Mountain)


野柳(Yeh-Liu) - 女王 (Queen)

日月潭 (Sun Moon Lake)

阿里山 (Alishan)


(3) Sexy sun



(4) Sexy Taiwanese


Wrong person..sorry! he is just lost~

and someone's else firm ass! lol

(5) Sexy International flora exposition


and I got the first place coming out from it!
That's all for Taiwan Trip Part 1.
Stay tuned for another 5 'sexy' things in Taiwan Trip Part 2.

The Taiwan Trip facebook album is here.



  1. 看了你的照片,我饿了。。。 还是去睡觉,不然待会儿又要吃夜宵

  2. yalo........... yesterday super duper hungry after seeing your pictures.... >.<

  3. ma, i feel so touch when saw ur sunrise photo! i wan to go!!!

  4. @ 色盲画家 :
    ha ha i know u better dy....u like food a lot! lol

    @ My daughter NHY :
    ha ha...very emotional right? if u see it in person, u will feel like everything on this earth is soooo wonderful...
    but of course, when u go back utp and see then hot sun again, u will curse it like hell! lol
    hows holiday? i havent updated myself with ur blog yet! too busy too tired

  5. yea, i wan to see sunrise in real! seeing hot sun in winter is so romantic leh XD

  6. hehe...yea i agree! last time watch KAng Xi Xiao S said sunrise and sunset are nothing one. but...if u can use your heart to feel it, it is like the most amazing thing of the nature!


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