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Sunday, January 16, 2011

17-01-2011 One question

Hi there
This is going to be a really short post
more like a status that
people normally would post in facebook
and get their answers there~
But since here is THE place
for my blog readers,
I prefer to ask it here..

"Tell me what you want me to blog?"


  1. are U running out of sexy ideas? =P

  2. the thing/event u afraid the most.

  3. @ Anonymous: ha ha ha...u are my sexiest idea..should i reveal the real you to my blog readers?

    @ Wei Han: huhu~ afraid the most huh...not bad! I think i have an idea dy...may be not the the next post, but i will surely write one and dedicate it to you!

  4. Your inner talk....
    The part that not everyone can read by meeting you everyday...^_^

  5. @ Shwu Fei: Thats a great idea as well. actually my main purpose of blogging WAS to share something more internal...
    I did that just in a couple of posts, because still couldn't really break my shell and share with everyone what i have been hiding...

  6. Go only when the timing is right.. which i do not think is now....

  7. @ Hooi Yee: why do u think it is not the right timing? huhu~


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