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Thursday, January 20, 2011

21-01-2011 Mama & His Fear

After you have read
and all the other Mama's series

now you have came to something more serious
something more internal about Mama~

Thanks to Wei Han and Shwu Fei
who both gave very good suggestion
and so I combined their ideas into one
which came out with this post
"Mama & His Fear".

My biggest fear

I hope you guys get the idea from this picture...

Watching romance movies always make me wonder
will I have a memorable love story just like the couple in the movie did?
I am not greedy...
I just want something very simple yet memorable
My true love,
I want it to happen as a complete coincidence
and it must last forever!
And by forever I mean,
we both die together and then
become butterflies
and still be together!

what qualities are Mama seeking in his lover?
(1) Accept Mama the way who he is
This is a very common requirement
that people look for while seeking for lover I supposed.
And of course, I don't expect my lover to accept a 100% of me
95% will be good enough.
How about another 5 %?
I will not change who I am for the person I love
but I am willing to improve myself to order for my love one to love me even more!
There goes the 5%~

(2) Willing to give me freedom
I am the kind of person who need my own space.
I don't want someone who is a control freak
who wants me to report what have I done
what I am doing
and what I will be doing.
I am not writing an essay or report.
I just need my own space.

and last but not least,

(3) Honest
To me honesty is even more important that loyalty.
My weird theory is
if you are willing to be honest
and share everything you feel inside your heart,
you will never be unfaithful to me!

what mama wants is simple right?
When will that happen?



  1. Nice! Like this post :)

  2. omg! u cropped me out! absolutely outrageous =p

  3. hehe, Mei le..
    thats the point of the picture..
    My another 'half' is gone!

  4. wow..
    it sounds easy but difficult (ironic?) for the qualities u seek.

  5. u gave the same comment like your new roommate did =(
    I want someone who willing to give me space as in trusting me and at the same time, trusting me to tell me what he feels inside all the time.
    May be this is really hard =(


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