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Sunday, January 30, 2011

31-01-2011 Mama & His Good News + Happy Chinese New Year

Hi there everyone!
Nice to see u guys again in my sexy blog world..

First of all,
I got a BIG GOOD news to share

(Thanks to my very special 'friend'~)
You did make me laugh my ass off!

I am now back at home
busy preparing for Chinese New Year =)
Well, I chatted with a friend of mine in facebook today
who don't know what is Chinese New Year..
So I decided to upload a little bit of what I have done and what I am going to do.

More will be posted soon, I promise~

Home Cleaning + Decorating

My mum said the "Huat" I made
makes the house looks like gambling house~

IT IS HUGE!!!!! HUAT ar! ( HUAT = prosper)

And not to forget, it is also an occasion for us to
reunite and visit one another

Mama would like to wish all my friends
all my fans
my family and relatives

And to my special friend, Tom who is going to Taipei for Chinese New Year
Wish you have a nice trip and
welcome to Taiwan from a native there



  1. 섹시 마마씨는 대단히 감사합니다! Great post and thanks for the shout-out! Hope u have a great New Year ^.^

  2. 별말씀이예요
    Enjoy your holidays to the MAX...since u claimed that u dont always have them!

  3. i nid ang pau dai~~~~~~ i wanna make ang pau tanglung~ gimme ur huat la :P

  4. Congratulations man, good to know you've got a job. =)

  5. @ Wendie: HIak way...HUAT is with me..i wanna HUAT!!!!!

    @ Christon: Lol...u do know form that pic that it was a prank right? lol

  6. I like your little fishes on the cute!

  7. happy chinese new year to u!


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