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Friday, July 8, 2011

08-07-2011 Mama & KLCC meeting

it is not about the meeting
In fact,
it is about the photo session
I promised to do it with Thian Mei Fang
Our plan was to pose fiercely there
for example: jumping~
but the surrounding was really not suitable for that kind of poses
so I asked Mei Fang not to do so
Yelling at Mei Fang
"Can you stop taking picture of me?"
"I need some privacy!"
Then around 6pm
I received a call
"What are you two doing at SkyBridge?"
Spotted by Jason Puan
and here he came to join us~

Very good example of
how bad Mei Fang is as a photographer!
The one I took was MUCH better!
(at the same spot and I directed them into better lighting)
and not to forget,
the lady that we thought only she got the access
but turned out all of us do have!

To anonymous:
I still remember that you want
me to propose to you one day over here...
Well, we shall see~



  1. The last picture is really superb.

  2. yes I agree very artistic

  3. yes n d last pic is taken by the superb photographer 'THIAN MEI FANG'!!!! wakakakaka~

  4. @ anonymous: Thanks for the comments
    @ Fang Fang: and I directed you into that positioning....Thanks to me myself sexymama BONG WAY KIAT okay? LOl~


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