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Monday, July 25, 2011

26-07-2011 Mama & Where He Was

A friend of mine
Tnay Xiang Qing
requested me to post the photos
so that she can guess where I was...
here it is...


Flight is in another 20 minutesss


  1. I knew it i knew it!!! it's in russia isn't it??? Because your friend Tan pei chia is also in russia, so you must have told her, ask where to go how to go... this is russia right bongie right right???? (first pic is russia 'words' right right???)

  2. i know where this is!!!

    Jakarta!!! whahahaha~~

    this is Jakarta cathedral~~ :D

  3. Sheeeeet i'm wrong sheeeeeet. bodoh betul. Why put ur fren's name to throw me off track la. I don't like u. hmmmmph

  4. Argh i wanna trash my comment! But I want to be the first commentor, so i can't trash it. eeeeerghhhhhhh....

  5. Huh? Jakarta Cathedral? Looks like those in Europe ler~ Very beautiful indeed. Bong, got drink soda gembira?

  6. why were you in jakarta?? the cathedral looks lovely indeed, reminds me of a church in adelaide.

  7. @ Qing: ha ha ha...sorry o...but i enjoy cheating little 'mei mei'...wkakak~

    @ Chang Hua: U went before right? LOl....because of you my journey is no longer a secret....should at least remain secret for one week ma

    @ Wendy: wkaka...and u were the only one i texted to inform o...

    @ Cyang: Jio u will go meh?

    @ Barney: ha ha ha...din drink wor..whats that? Wikitravel din ask me to try~

    @ Mei Le: reason...was simply because...I got

  8. jio me, I go. but the problem is u bo jio.

  9. ha ha ha ha ha....dont la like that....really it was a sudden plan~

  10. i tot is europe as well...similar nya to the cathedral i dunno where..

  11. Waaaa nice.. I thought it was somewhere in Europe as well... But the Toyota Innova and Avanza in front of the building was kind of a giveaway.. Lol..

  12. @ Philip, ur eyes very sharp o..I also thought of not uploading that pic..coz of the cars, but nvm la..dont care~

    @ Cally, ha ha ha...ya lo..europe must be full of these kind of things....dun know when baru is my turn going to europe...

  13. Wow Philip super sharp eyes when it comes to car!

    I din go there before....i play cheat..whahahahaha

  14. @ Chang Hua: I know how u played cheat also...thats why i asked u to click the link :)
    besides wanna show u where I went also la...


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