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Monday, December 12, 2011

13-12-2011 Mama & Final Recap


"My first guest in Kerteh"
**This is the real Mei Fang when she saw food okay?**

I only blogged about me taking picture at home

but you guys never seen my real convocation ceremony!

Special gift from a friend!

Sent it to my hotel...huhu~
Touching @.@

and not to forger, 

the weekend before the ceremony,
I also received a little special award
which I was super happy about it because..
it covered part of my EXPENSIVE convocation.

"SMSO Raya Cerlebration"
 My first Baju Melayu!!!

How can we forget the Best picture in Perth?
Some says this because of the composition 
and also the pose
Some says  THIS
simply because Sexymama finally
went to a nudity beach?

What you guys might not know is
JANE also finally came to kerteh already
(for job, Lol)
We just decided in the car that we should go Kuantan for dinner

and with buffet dinner only for this trip, 
don't you think it is not worth it at all?
So we went karaoke!

and the next day I still had to go to work at 7.20am 
while I reached home was already 2.30am..

"Xiao Min came to Kerteh"

and after having experience touring Mei Fang amateurly
(More Like I was toured by senior Pei Chi actually~)
I am much a much better tour guide in Kerteh already. 
Lovely dinner at Air Jernih 

Big tasty Nasi Kukus (Steam rice)
Superb Thai dinner 

And in the same month,
I joined my first and only sports activity with SMSO.

and lastly,
Where am I going?
Scarfs and gloves are already ready
I haven't packed them into my new backpack!

Next time I see you...
it will be the final post of 2011 already
and that will be before me flying to




  1. Hehehe what was there about loosing weight? Only from the pics you already get hungry so how you will find balance?

  2. Hello Huggies,
    yea I have to thank all my friends who visited me at the wrong time~ lol...

  3. mama! what i can say is that there's a purpose God sent you to Kertih which is to receive us all as your honourable guests as and when we visit Kertih! hahhaha but thank you 3x for your hospitality! you make a great host!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo take cre!

  4. Jane...God din send me there~ I requested the way, u got blog also never shared with me...wkaka

  5. gosh... my beautiful photo?? damn u... n u r so funny taking graduation photo in waT? secondary sch? kesian ur sister kena pei u acting lo hahaha. ya xiao min n jane gonna thanks to me for making u a good tour guide. hiak hiak hiak. handsome boy dun forget my souvenir from Paris ok? tq~~~

  6. ha ha theme one k? no souvenir for anyone to be fair..coz it is really a budget trip :)

    and I know who u are


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