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Saturday, December 10, 2011

10-12-2011 Mama & Recap Part 3


With my big bulb bald head
I went back to my lovely hometown
Sungai Petani.
Met up with couple of friends
(From left to right)
Yee Ning, Pei Chia, Sin yee and Me
 Yee Hui at the left 
 Wanna see how we looked like 4 years ago?
Don't kill me
Everyone does have his/her past
-Sin Yee (the second from the right)
 -Pei Chia and me~

 Yee Ning and Me
 Yi Hui in the middle
Another thing that you guys might not know about me
and I literally dug them out 
when I went back hometown this time
My little drawing~

Not sure when could I pick up a paint brush
and draw like last time again~

In July,
I finally visited this great breakfast shop 
in Chukai!
-Hai Peng-
 Its famous Vietnamese Coffee

 and I had my second oversea trip this year
which is also my second visit to Indonesia
(after Bali)
Indonesian culture
Something that symbolizes man power~ 

"Good taste" indonesian that stopped me 
and requested to take photo with me 
And also,
my first visit to KLCC sky bridge!
I know it was kinda late
for a PETRONAS staff
Don't laugh at me~

Last day of July,
the day I left PGB and moved to a new office 
A visit from a new friend
This is my first time actually hosted someone
In a place called Kerteh,
I supposed this is the first
and the last~

(still remember my boss said.."how many farewells we have had?") 

Bye CUF Gebeng 

Bye CUF Kerteh 



1st day of August
I moved to a new office
East Coast Regional Office
and also a new OPU
Anything else for this month?
The answer is NO
because it was all about work work work
My dinner was McD almost every night
because the moment I finished my work and left the office
I didn't have any mood to look for nice food anymore
just wanna treat that starving stomach
then SLEEP and REST~

But the good thing was
I had to admit
I learned so much throughout this whole month
in term of working~


Jobs finally got stabled this month
I finally decided to go to KL to spend
my weekend over there for 2 reasons
FIRST - To meet an online friend 
who I have been chatting with for almost 1.5 years
and the outcome
I said I would never felt regret about it~
 SECOND -  To give myself some relaxing time
and there is no other way to achieve that
other than SING K!
First picture:
From left to right
Xiao Min, Christine, Mei Fang
Second picture:
Melvin joined in
Mei Fang wanna be in the middle 
because she claimed that Christine's small face 
would make her look fat if she is sitting in front of Christine..
Melvin and me
FINALLY had our first sing K session
GROUP pictures

That's all about Recap Part 3
Next recap would be the last recap of year 2011
Stay tuned for more~



  1. You look hot in shaved head

  2. You are talented in drawing. Keep in up.


  3. You are effing hot!



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