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Monday, December 26, 2011

26-12-2011 Mama & His Last Post of 2011

Walking back home with my friend
for Christmas this year

Woke up in the morning
with this spectacular view outside the window

Never celebrated Christmas that way
But I did enjoy it even though
I was surrounded by people who spoke in language that I didn't understand
It was a really great Christmas eve!
this shall be the last post of 2011
I have wrapped up everything in the recaps
and also
for next year
I am going to officially throw my nickname 'Sexymama' away
since it is just a network-sharing nick that doesn't even symbolize me

Now is the time to let Bong Way Kiat back to blog world
Anyway, I will use another nickname. 
Stay tuned and you will know.

For the last time in my blog,
I am going to end a post with



  1. yerrr so short, only entertained me for 15 seconds~

  2. Damn it Bong, reading this makes me a lil bit sad. Well, 2011 going to end soon, too many things happened this year (including our life transition from students to working adult . . . and of course our a lil "bit" misunderstanding haha), but I wish the best year ahead for you :D

    p/s: Even tho I don't really like the name sexymama, kind of weird if ur not using it anymore, lol :)

  3. guess someone mz have influenced u to change d nickname. dont give away things so easily k? sexymama is a successful image among our frens dy. Happy New Year!

  4. @ wendie , no time to blog okay? hehe

    @ aleap, ha ha ha..dont la sad...yea a lot of things happened, but things happen all the time dont like the name sexymama as well, but the problem is people like mei fang made it so well known until i myself also confused between being forced to be it or actually enjoy being

    @ mei fang, wont listen to anything u say anymore...blek!


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