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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

07-12-2011 Mama & Recap Part 2


What's the MAIN highlight in April?
April Fool?
of course Not!
It is my Birthday 
22 April aka The Earth Day

Well this year I had advanced celebration with my friends

But what you haven't seen up until today are:

The "HONG KONG" TVB drama
photo session of my beloved
EE batchmates

With all kind of weird and funny theme,
I have to admit
my uni life was fun and fantabulous 
"partially" was because of them~
Me and Chang Hua (FIERCE)
And of course,
some crazy pictures that 
I haven't shared anywhere 
for my birthday celebration with my juniors
It started pretty normal
Getting more strange..
but sexier and crazier?
and ended up...

Besides, I also had my first very real 
NATURE trip to Taman Negara
(National Park)
with a new friend 'Janne'
I had no choice but to cross the river
with my shoes on~
What you didn't know about this trip is
all those visitors that stayed at the hide
(including me and Janne)
We all had to take our bath here
So imagine one german girl and one german guy
taking bath below the hide...
in their soaking wet undergarments
Couldn't believe I myself still can recall them~


1st day of May
Labor Day 
I visited Kota Bharu
No one will ever forget this BIG stunning house
A boat upside his house
The Guest room
The yard~

Xiao Min 
and Aleap Omar toured me around Kota Bahru...
I actually took a picture of Aleap using fish eye effect
which I never shared with anyone
and here is the end result:
Not bad actually
Wkakak (evil laugh)


Nothing much special actually for that month
Except I went KL a lot

We celebrated Anderson's birthday
and I went back UTP for the 3rd time after I graduated
(one of my Ipoh friends)

But not to forget,
I also went back my hometown
Sg Petani as well.
What I wanted to share last time
but forgot was:
Our new Puduraya Bus Station.
Well, it does look so much better now

However, this AWAS
( Caution)
is really something you have to be aware to.

because the height from the floor and the ceiling 
at the staircase
is only 2 Meter!!
(WTH? this kind of structure they also can come out with??)
and in June as well
I had the most dramatic makeover
just simply because I didn't tell the hairdresser 
what length of hair I actually wanted
and she thought..
I am a student...Lol~
So my hair went from this
to this
So I ended up keeping my hair back 
to the normal length using almost 3 months...
Now I tell myself all the time
before I get myself a hair cut
PLEASE make sure the hairdresser is someone who I already know
Ha ha ha ha ha!

Coming up next:
July - My second oversea trip in 2011
August - My new life in a new office
Sept - I met 'you'!!


  1. omg im featured! yay~ finally...haha!

  2. ha ha ha ha....macam la I never featured u in my blog..
    my birthday post i got featured u also a...
    but then..coz that was my birthday ..
    so i got more pictures in it~ lol