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Friday, December 2, 2011

03-12-2011 Mama & Recap Part 1

Tyra Banks just had her ANTM cycle 17 recap 2 weeks ago
here I am...
having my Year 2011

Sharing with you 
what's the highlight throughout the year
and also
what I haven't shared in my blog
while waiting for the last trip of this year
and also
YEAR 2012!

This year I had my countdown at...

Read - Mama's Taiwan trip
What I want to highlight about this Taiwan trip is
I was surrounded by 3 beautiful course mates
the comments I got after our friends viewing our photo album in facebook were
My fashion outshines theirs!!!!
Oh come on!
that's why I came out with
Mama & His Fashion (click here)
in February while I was kind bored with my PIPE (at first only).

I also went back to UTP 
(University where I graduated from)
two weeks before Chinese New Year.
My parents were freaked out while they heard that
I was already on the train 
on my way to Batu Gajah!
I am sorry mummy but I couldn't help myself 
because I just like to surprise people..
including myself :)

Chinese New Year
The highlight of this month is definitely
my outstanding RED outfit
RED long sleeves t-shirt
RED pants
RED socks...
Now I am cracking my head already
thinking of how should I dress in order to beat 2011's outfit...
If you have any suggestion
kindly leave it here :)

What you haven't seen are
the Karaoke Session
"Kok Pei trying to rape Cheng Yong"?

the morning Dim Sum Session

Visit to my home

and also,
picture of me and my little sis at grandma's house
Not to forget,
on top of that,
I also received a good news while celebrating Chinese New Year

Yeay..I got a job!

After having my farewell sessions,
I went to PIPE
before I finished celebrating the 15 days Chinese New Year

This is the month when I started my new chapter.
I moved to a new place called Kertih
and started my working life.

What so special about this month is
I invented the bath tub self photo shoot~
It all started with a photographer helped me 
taking an ANTM inspired picture at a pool
 After the first bath tub picture..
I took more and more bath tub picture 
when I was given chance to stay in hotel by PGB 
I am just crazy and bored while staying alone at a big hotel room
I have to admit that~
and at last,
ended up ...
Posing outside the tub!

While blogging this post
I just received a very good news 
related to my up-coming trip
Yeay yeay..
it is snowing there!
Now I am more excited!!!!

That's all for Chapter 1
Stay tuned for crazier stuffs that I haven't shared


  1. I was mentioned twice - Jan part and i know the inspiring photographer was me. hiak hiak.

  2. Love your bath tub photo soooo much!!!

  3. @Anonymous: I know who u are...and your Math really got problem...

    @Shwu Fei: Thanks thanks..but got someone got phobia towards bath tub already after seeing this picture~


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