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Thursday, January 17, 2013

17-01-2013 Bong & Laos Trip Part 4

Sunset at Mekong River
The piece of land reminded me of the short story we learned in High School
"Looking for a Rain God"
People were playing at the river side during sunset
Moon came out very soon~
Time for night market
and also dinner..
Fruit Shake
Curry Fried Rice
and this thing which I didn't know what it was
I asked, "Is this chicken??"
and the lady selling this thingy said "Yes"
Answer: THERE was NO chicken
The next day 
we departed to a new town
On the way
All of a sudden,
the bus sort of banged into something..
and everyone stood up~
Luckily it was nothing...
just a sudden stop because of a cow~
Finally reached this place
-Vang Vieng-
and when I checked in this guesthouse
I realized I was by far the only asian traveler..
(of course, on that sheet
This is where I stayed
Malany Villa
most worth it as the room was big
and with good facilities
Stay tuned


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