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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

22-01-2013 Bong & Laos Trip Part 5

Why this dog looked so sad?
homeless I guess~
 My first lunch at this new town
Vang Vieng
and I can tell you
its price is the cheapest out of all restaurants there
and its food taste is very local too~
 Ordered this wai wai soup
because I never tried something like that
 and turned out it was just an instand noodle~
 and not to forget,
Fruit shake again~
First impression about the town is
It is a small town
very very small
just a few streets
and may be less than 100 residents
 But the natural view of it really amazed me
 I was like 'Wooo'
 The landscape
 I never seen a river which can be so beautiful
in a way 
where it has mountains decorating the background
warm sunshine shining all over the town
 Hot air ballon popped out from middle of nowhere~
 Tourists were busy taking photographs
trying to capture its beauty in different ways
just like I did :)
 My elongated legs
 Peacefully reading books
 People crossing from one side to another
and see the reflection of the view...
Absolutely breathtaking~


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