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Friday, January 11, 2013

11-01-2013 Bong & Laos Trip Part 3

Patu Xay 
Visited it at night
They wanted to build something like Arc de Triophe
but failed...
what a big shame
Then it was time to look for dinner
passed by a place where the local were having like a 
auction kind of sales
So this is my dinner
did not understand the word
but I could always just point and use 
body language to tell the lao what I want

Served together with bean sprout
Just like noddle soup in Malaysia..

After that walked a bit at the nearby
This is the fountain 
and it has a name
-Namphau fountain-
and there were not much people or car on the street already
The next morning
had this local food as breakfast
tasted pretty nice
but if you see the little stall that sold me the breakfast
you would ask yourself again whether 
you really want to buy your food there
See that all black thiny?
it was actually waffle maker..
Omg right? 
And a cup of banana shake too..
Cost less than 1 dollar..
cheap and yummy!
Wat That Foun
Dinner time!!!

this barbequed fish is a must try food in Vientiane
and you can get it from the stalls on the street
of course, restaurants sell them too 
but a lot more expensive
Stay tuned...



  1. Wow! nice detail on structures! (and food)
    Nice Trip!

  2. Hey, is a nice trip... I have no idea the history and culture behind it much... will you briefly and kindly share some with us? Look very nice....indeed....

    1. i dont know the history and culture too :) i just like to take pictures..
      but i do know they wanna create like the paris gate Arc de Triophe, but failed :(


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