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Friday, January 4, 2013

04-01-2013 Bong & Laos Trip Part 1

Happy New Year guys..
Wish you all have a great year ahead!
It is 2013 now 
and at the age of 24,
I have continued my backpack trip to a new South East Asia country

Landed in Vientiane
 This is the guest house that I randomly chose
Basically it was the first one that I saw 

and I really liked it~
Price was about 10 USD per night
with wifi somemore!
 Remember this? lol
 This is where I posed and got quite good feedback in facebook.
Just a corridor right outside my room. 
Pic is available <here>. 
Time to meet my travelmate
Met him at Vientiane and 
we decided to travel together..

See how he frowned when he tasted 'spicy' asian food.
 Honestly it was not that spicy! 
May be because I am asian too...
so not an issue for me at all~
That Dam
 and it is right in the middle of a road..
like a road about..
How strange...~
Ever since airlines shop at this kind of area??
 or even have an airline shop which looks like that?
Welcome to Laos :)
 Presidential Palace
You can see people tidying up the fish net???
 Quite easy to navigate around because you can see the road names clearly

Si Saket temple
 Gosh I looked kinda chubby here...
Nevermind, I had 2 weeks vacation to walk a lot
to exercise
to lose weight!
Next station....
Ho Phra Keo Temple
Reminded me of a garden palace
Coming out from the temple
I saw road sign that I didn't understand
Do we have this in Malaysia?
 Walking towards Mekong river now...
 The statue

Stay tuned for more



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