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Sunday, January 27, 2013

27-01-2013 Bong & Laos Trip Part 6

 Sunset time..
and I decided to cross to another side of the village 
to see more of this small town
 Then I found this
Okay, I decided to visit that the next day!
 The way to the cage and mountain was actually a paddy field
 I myself grew up in a state in Malaysia
which is famous with Paddy field
but this was my first time actually stepping on one!!
 and slowly...
the night has came..
 Got kinda lost in the middle of a village
and there was no street light at all
 Finally reached this little shop
 Crossed this bridge and 
arrived at a restaurant besides the river
 My dinner
Stay tuned..



  1. Your pictures are breath-taking and you look really hot ;)

    1. Thanks :)
      i like to share nice things that I have seen

  2. quite a nice photo,r u a camera man, be happy

    1. thanks..i am not camera man, or photographer..
      but i do like to take pictures :)


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