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Thursday, February 21, 2013

21-02-2013 Bong & Laos Trip Part 9

-Welcome Back-
Sorry for making you guys waited long...

I have been busy with my work lately
Especially right after coming back from Chinese New Year 
I had to follow up a lot of stuffs

Anyway, back to blogging again..
 My last evening 
spending time at Vang Vieng
Enjoyed the sunset from higher view at the village 
 Then slowly approached a hidden temple...
but I didn't enter because I wanted to see the sunset 
 And of course, 
very soon the night approached
 and this was my dinner
which I wanted to try
Laosian Spring Rolls!
They were wrapped in transparent kind of wrapper
Looked like I was eating plastic!!
 The next morning
I had Crepe
(which I loved)
I purposely captured how they make these pancake
Tasted pretty much like Malaysian Roti Canai

There you go..
Laosian Crepe!!
 You can see the Crepe stalls were all over the streets
with these white or yellow boards
which have the price and menu all listed on them
Time to leave Vang Vieng~
 Heading to the bus station
which was located about 2KM from the town...
 Took picture of a guy
who I thought that 
he looked very much alike with another friend of mine
Back to Vientianne..
and Took a tuk-tuk to the next destination
A place that I didn't wanna miss before leaving Laos
 My Tuk-tuk driver
 The road condition in Laos were kinda bad
Finally reached the famous Buddha Park
Would step into this thing
and start visiting it.. 
it looked kinda eerie...

-Stay Tuned-

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