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Thursday, February 7, 2013

07-02-2013 Bong & Laos Trip Part 8

After coming out from mountain 
and got myself a pair of new shoes
 I continued my journey
Not to forget, 
enjoyed the beauty along the way~
 That was it
The sky was getting darker
and the atmosphere was getting gloomier
 Slowly approached the back of the mountain
and finally reached the entrance 
after 20 minutes walk..
Same like the mountain,
you need to pay to enter too :)
There was a small gate
which they locked if there was no visitor..
like a private visit site...
 Finally entered the cave
 My tour guide told me
This is called 'Penis stone'
and I believe this is the only name I could remember
It was really dark in there
and kinda slippery too because it was wet inside
Another 'unique' thing that he told me its name
but I couldn't remember anymore~
And some shining stuffs..
 Going out from the cave
 On my way back to the town
cam whore a while 
*PS - I used timer*
 There you see
my new shoes
-A knock-off Crocs-

and This was my room
Just 25 MYR per night ;)

Stay tuned..



  1. Hard to tell if you are on the ceiling or the floor of the cave... Amazing!!!