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Monday, February 4, 2013

04-02-2013 Bong & Laos Trip Part 7

Opposite the guesthouse that I stayed
was this pub
and of course, with the amount of foreigners in town
you could noisy it could be
 Morning brunch
 and again,
another fruits shake
I realized
my slippers already started "opening" its mouth
but budget poor backpacker like me thought it would be no issue..
and see what happened next...

Crossed the river
and I decided to visit this Lusi Cave Lagoon
which I didn't manage to visit the day before
due to sun was down already~
 Walking all across the paddy field again
Heading to this mountain which I wanted to climb!
Rested a bit and cam-whore like usual~
 Started the journey climbing the mountain
There was this gate which the personnel will only open it
after you pay for visiting fees
A lot of wooden stairs...
 Some were really scary
 and I cut myself
JUST a bit when I was climbing my way up  
 The view in the middle of the journey
All of a sudden,
My "nice" slippers got stuck in between rocks!!!
 But it was okay
Because I already reached the TOP!!!
 Breathtaking views of Vang Vieng all in my sight!
  Here came the problem
Climbing down the hill with NO shoes..
Without anything to protect my feets,
what happened to the rest of my journey??

Stay tuned for more..


  1. luckily not ur hand that is stucked in between the rocks. If not, u will become the main actor of <<127 hours>>. haha.

  2. Always the Tastiest food!!! Isn it? ... (Love the small Roads)


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