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Thursday, March 14, 2013

14-03-2013 Bong Left Laos

After 10 posts about Laos
now I am writing about the trip leaving this heaven :)

My dinner before leaving Laos
 There are lots of agents that offer bus service to travel from Vientiane to 
the next destination that I went.
the KEY tip:
DO NOT ever take the trips that are inclusive of dinner
*there is no such thing*
 Hooped into this mini van
 and it brought us to the boarder
exchanged the remaining money that I had
 After crossing the boarder,
changed to a bus with this kind of disco lighting~

Like I said,
there was no dinner as promised by the travel agent
So, all the cheated passengers bought food 
from this little stall 
when the bus stopped for getting petrol/gas~
The bus stopped for midnight supper
My first proper meal in this new landed country
mixed rice..but really delicious
because I was starving..
and the price was even cheaper than Paka's mixed rice! 
Another lesson about this trip from Vietiane to this new place
*The bus driver will only drop the passengers at one place*
even though they have told me that they will drop me at the train station!

 Once I reached the city,
I took the train and straight went to the mini van
that brought me to my netxt destination
 It was about 2.5 hours journey
but the place that I stayed was great
Thanks to my host!
Then it was time to get some GREAT food
after traveling from one country to a new one
VIA land transport!!

 The shops haven't started to serve food
So we had a walk to the nearby chinese temple
located next to the sea

Wondering where the hell I was?
answer to be revealed
in next post


  1. The last place I know very well, been there last month :-)Huggies

  2. Replies
    1. omg...i blogged until revealing the place name d...
      only now u wanna


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