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Thursday, July 4, 2013

05-07-2013 Bong & Korea Ninth Post (Plastic surgery? Jeju? Bye Seoul..)

After visiting those Korean artist agencies,
it was time to go to a new place....
 Thinking of getting plastic surgery?
You can find good offers here in Seoul~
CFC and Jui Boon were looking forward...
the upcoming new excitements...
Using Eastar Jet,
we flew from Seoul to
Jeju island!
The seats were even better than Air Asia's
landed on Jeju!
From Jeju airport we took a cab to our hostel?
The cab system is very organized.
Just queue at the designated area and wait
all cabs are using meters..
That's really the best
and most important thing about cab I believe. 
This is where we stayed..
Hostel Korea..
 Dining hall
where guests have their breakfast
The complimentary breakfast only offers you bread with jam..
and also tea/coffee,
but with this price I think it is really very worthwhile~
After checking in
resting a bit,
it was time to fill up our noisy stomach..~
Yummy pork meat
You can order in grilled style
Or even cooked together with kimchi
 and other vegetables
Deep fried hairtail fish
very famous fish in Jeju
Stay tuned for more about Jeju~


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