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Monday, July 8, 2013

08-07-2013 Bong & His Missions Before Next Chapter (Bukit Gambang Part 1)

Departed around 7.30am in the morning
which was 30 minutes behind schedule~
 Jui Boon looked sleepy
 Me too
 Hui too...
 Finally we reached Bukit Gambang Resort City~
Since it was Friday,
and we arrived early.
there was not much visitors in the theme park yet..

Entrance: MYR 23.90 per person~

 Lee See 'beatified' Hui by putting a flower on his head
 First challenge,
which was also my favorite..
Six Lane Racer Slide~
I was always the first when I raced with them~
 The battle between Hui, Lee See and Jui Boon
 After checking the pictures,
only I realized Boon started last
 But he managed to take over
(look at his legs...funny~)
 Jui Boon was still leading
 Until the very end....
Hui took over Boon and became champion!
 (sounded so childish right? Yea I know~)
Nevertheless, we tried out all different slides there.
Just for info sharing,
all slides require you to rent the tubes.
My advise: 
if you are going in a group of four like us
just rent one family tube will be sufficient.
Price: MYR 12 each.
Mr Miang and Mrs Miang 
Next stop: Coco beach~ 
 Believe it or not...
even the wooden cabanas are for rent..
 Favorite thing in Coco Beach-->
the penguin water gun!
 Looked like Boon and Hui were having fun~ 
Lastly we went to Penguin land.
 This is the main thing that people willing to spend time
and wait...
 Lee See and I were all excited to explore the 'Journey of Ice'
our tube was moving slow because there were no wave at all~
To be continued...



  1. Bong...we also have Atlantis in Jakarta!! You should check it out !!


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