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Monday, July 1, 2013

01-07-2013 Bong & His Missions Before Next Chapter (Kapas Trip Part 2)

Walking through the walkway and stairs,
finally we reached another side of Kapas island
 This is the place where we snorkelled as well
 Perhaps it is because the water there is much more cleaner
 After that we walked back to our guesthouse
and rested a bit
 We patiently waited for the sunset
 This side of Kapas island is the most happening one
with most of the guesthouses located here
 and also this foreign-owned restaurant
 We played this vey cute micky mouse Uno cards
 while waiting for the dinner to be served
Besides micky mouse Uno cards, 
there are a lot more board and card games you can borrow~
Chilling night at Kapas island ^.^
After having sweet nice sleep, 
we woke up around 7 in the morning the next day~
 -Captain guesthouse-
See how cheap the price is?
On this little island,
there is a dog named Jane...
and this is her house!
You can find snorkeling equipment for rental all around the guesthouse
for 15 ringgit 
and you can use for whole day
Right besides our guesthouse it is not the end of the Kapas island.
We followed this pathway 
and then reached this wonderful place to watch the scenary
Walking down the hill, 
we arrived at another beach
See how crystal clear the water is
Time to say goodbye to Kapas island~
The end

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