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Sunday, July 14, 2013

14-07-2013 Bong & His Missions Before Next Chapter (Perhentian Island Part 1)

Departed from Kerteh around 6am
and reached Kuala Terengganu around 8am...
First thing first, 
of course was to cure our stomach first~
We arrived at Chinatown Water Front
Wanting to try out this roasted duck 
which was recommended by one blogger
The outcome was just so so..
The noodle was 'hard' and not nice to be chewed ..
The Charsiew was average..
Only the roasted duck was quite nice and juicy~
Small portion and cost RM 6
I would say "not worth it"
In order to go Perhentian Island,
please ensure you go to the right jetty
which is "Kuala Besut"
not Merang..
not Syahbandar
Lee See and Hui
Standard price for returns is MYR 70.00
We departed from Kuala Besut around 11am...
but for return, you can only choose
8am, 12 noon or 4pm
As we approached closer to the island,
the water seemed to be clearer and cleaner
Crystal Clear~
Where we stayed was located at the end of Perhentian
which is "Long Beach"
Long Beach~
Not Long island yea~

To be continued..


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