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Monday, June 23, 2014

23-06-2014 Bong & Back to Sungai Petani

At first I was just thinking of
taking a few pictures around my house,
but then I realized the cats 
right outside 
my house were really really cute~
It was playing with my grandma's bicycle
and it was afraid of me taking photos as well~
Here came another one
wanted to get some attention and LOVE too~
A morning market
where you can buy fresh vegetables, meats,
food, etc....
tomorrow I am going to return back to Oslo again~
To summarize my stay back to hometown for 25 days:
(1) I still manage to drive
both auto and manual car
 (2) Met up with a few friends
-Yam chat chit chat gossip & Sing K-
 (3) Ate food that either is extremely expensive in Norway
or I can't even get it there
for example 
"fresh noddles"
 and of course
"dim sum"!!!
That's all about my short back to hometown trip
Soon Oslo, again~


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