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Thursday, October 9, 2014

09-10-2014 Bong & His Stockholm Trip Part 37 (The Kaknäs Tower & End of the trip)

After walking out from Sven-Harrys Art Museum,
I had to rush to my very last tourist spot
for this 5 days Stockholm trip~
which was this one~
The so-called tallest building in Stockholm?
(I don't believe)
"The Kaknäs Tower"
It actually served as the TV tower
in Stockholm~
you will be given a coin like that to enter~
Then you will have to take elevator to go up..
(of course)

The whole building
and the elevators were pretty old actually~
But those didn't matter~
Most importantly for me,
was this magnificent night view~
most of my friends do know, 
I have BIG phobia towards height...
So it was really difficult for me
to take pictures there
when the winter wind was blowing so hard~
My hands were shaking
and freezing in cold~
After enjoying the night view,
we went one level down...
to its restaurant/pub~
I could imagine 
how nice it would be to party 
up here in this tall building 
and surrounded by the breathtaking night view of Stockholm~
One last selfie before we left the tower..
though I looked blurry but 
I think we all looked really happy~
The next day,
I left Stockholm by myself
because I had to rush for another trip~
in order to experience something different,
I decided to take bus instead of train..
(since we already took train from Oslo to Stockholm)
Lucky for me,
because it only started snowing while I was about to end my trip~
And overall,
I think taking bus is much better than taking train.
Well may be it takes 1-2 hours more..
but you have wifi,
much more comfortable seats,
and also electric plug~
Finally ...
I finished blogging the whole trip~
what is next?
Stay tuned to find out more..




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