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Monday, October 20, 2014

20-10-2014 Bong & His Korea Twentieth Post (Cheonjeyoen Falls)

After visiting the cute adorable Teddy Bear Museum,
we went to...
not Ripley's Believe or Not..
But Lunch~
Nice to have cheap korean bento
in Seven-Eleven~
That's something I can never got in Oslo =(
Our next stop was this 
Cheonjeyoen Falls~
From the main road on the top,
we had to walk down to reach this beautiful waterfall~
Its beauty definitely amazed the visitors
and therefore everyone there was like couldn't stop posing
and taking pictures with the waterfall~
(including us)
There is this giant bridge 
that connects two sides between the stream~
While I was walking on it...
I felt like I was walking on the bridge that linked me to heaven
because it is so damn high up above the stream~
There was this famous fountain
with 5 different 'heads' 
representing different kind of blessings~
We all posed in front of it
and of course, 
did what is suggested, 
which is 
"throwing coins in front of the head of blessing one wishes to get"~

and as I remember,
all of us got them landed on the lucky bag..
Now it is already 1 year from the trip..
Have all of us gotten the blessing?


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  1. Veldig fine bilder Bong Dit må jeg reise.


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