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Thursday, October 2, 2014

02-10-2014 Bong & His Fall Update

time flies~ 
All of a sudden, 
I have been here in Norway for about 1 year~
I have experienced all four seasons!
From fall last year... to winter
then winter to spring~
spring to summer~
and lastly from summer back to autumn~

Sky in Norway is always beautiful to me
regardless of what season it is~
This kind of slow..sunset
is something very special for me
Now ..
it is back to autumn again~
Trees around us are so beautiful with all kind of colors...
just beautiful~

Few weeks ago, 
we (Me and Arne) had a panting job~
This is how it looks like now..
It is a very nice place
to spend a quiet weekend
away from the city~
Not to forget,
the night view was superb too...
quiet surrounding...
just the stars shining bright in the sky~

the day time will be shorter
and it will be colder as well~

just enjoy the sun whenever I can now~

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