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Friday, October 17, 2014

17-10-2014 Bong & His Korea Nineteenth Post (When teddy bears transform!)

After a long period of 5 months,
I am now finally back to blogging my Korea trip~
Those bears are just adorable..
aren't they?
when they all transform into fruits...or vegetables~
Teddy bear with a branded coat~
How lucky and rich it is...
From branded coat
sexy bikini?
so cute~
Korean teddy bear families~

Fashion show teddy bears..
from backstage, 
to the runway~
Teddy bear & CFC
in Gang Nam Style!
Posing with two big bears~
CFC was sweet; Jui Boon was 'whatever'
and me was... just CRAZY. Lol!
the teddy bears were not just indoor
but outdoor as well!
That's all for the lovely Teddy Bear Museum
in Jeju island~

All of a sudden it made me
missing the fun of traveling with buddies..


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