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Thursday, December 4, 2014

04-12-2014 Bong & His Korea Twenty Seventh Post (From Hong Dae to N Seoul Tower)

After getting back from Jeju Island,
we actually stayed in this guesthouse~
"Kimchee Guesthouse"
I know..
it sounded real cheap because of the 'kimchee'!
Why named it after a common food?
I don't know why the owner named it Kimchee,
but the guesthouse was really quite nice
with a rooftop where you could see some nice views of Seoul~
Time to explore Hong Dae
Where we stayed was actually
near to the market
shopping area
and the train station~
we were also surrounded with many good restaurants~
But before we explored more..
we had one more place to visit first...
Taking train to Myeongdong, 
then changed to bus~
Our next stop was this 
"N Seoul Tower"
In order to go up there,
we had to take this shocking elevator
with shocking wall~
Finally we reached the top
and the view was just spectacular~
Not to forget, 
N Seoul Tower is also famous with its lovers' locks~
To go down from the hill,
we decided to take the cable car instead of walking this time~
This was where we could enjoy the night scenery 
for a little bit longer~
But mind you,
since it would be a lot of people...
so try to get in fast 
and stay close to the side to see better views~
3 more posts to go...
Then I am done with blogging about this trip~

To be continues..


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