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Monday, December 8, 2014

08-12-2014 Bong & His Korea Twenty Eighth Post (Myeong-Dong Street Food)

After visiting the N-Seoul Tower,
we went back to Myeong-Dong,
which was where we stayed~
Coming out from the train station,
we were just amazed with those
neon lights all over the streets!
Since it was time for dinner,
we could't help but wanted 
to try more street food that had been tempting us~
We followed a guidebook about 
recommended street food in Seoul...
then we ended up in this stall
because we could just find all of them here!
The boss was also surprised that 
his food were all featured in the book~
The next day morning,
which was our second last day in Seoul...
in order to not give up any chance,
we went straight to street food for breakfast~
I guess this was the only street food 
I didn't really like..
The rest were GREAT!
After breakfast,
we came to this place...
and what could possible happen here?
Stay tuned to find out~


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