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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

27-04-2016 Bong & Wallmans

for my birthday this year..
I was so Lucky to have
Arne bringing me to Wallmans~
It was my first time there,
and we got a table
right next to the stage...
(Probably because it was my birthday)
When we first seated,
there was already two small packages of
and some breads on the table~
(those are free/included in the price of shows + food)
And two bottles of sparkling water
(which they charge later on in the bills if you open them)
(Each costs around 60 kroner)
Forrett (Appetizer) was salmon
with some salads 
Since we were sitting so close to the stage,
I was most of the time thinking...
the dirt and dust coming from their shoes
and landing on our
Mellomrett was some kind of
coconut milk soup with sunflower seed plus olive oil...
And the main course was grilled chicken
served with 'potato cake'

I forgot to take picture of our dessert...
And that was strawberry, rhubarb served with whipped vanilla.
Coffee cups were already placed on the table when we seated...
but guess what,
a can of warm coffee also needs additonal charge!
the food was so so...
but the show was pretty good~
So...still recommended to experience once at least~

That's all about my review of Wallmans...

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