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Thursday, April 14, 2016

14-04-2016 Bong & His 2016 Penang Trip Part 2 (Fok Kee George Town & Penang Time Tunnel 3D Museum)

After a couple hours of sightseeing,
we were damn tired and hungry,
and of course needing some good food 
(plus beers for the norwegians of course)
We stopped at this restaurant
and had our lunch~
Ordered three dishes...
fried squids,
stir fried vege
& black scouts pork ribs!
Prices were so-so,
considering it is located at Georgetown,
right next to the Guan Yin temple~
After lunch,
we continued our foot tour
passing by this 
St George's Anglican Church~
Our next destination was this...
Penang Time Tunnel 3D Museum~
This replica of old day south east asia map
was looking rather weird~ 
And the trip was...
Since it is a time tunnel museum,
it does tell the history of Penang~
From British's invasion...
to Indian &
Chinese came to Penang...
Not to forget,
the local Malays...
Then also 
the colonization under Japan~
Another interesting part of this museum
is the 3D paintings~
Don't forget to download their discount coupons from 
their websites~
After that,
we walked a bit more 
around the seaside ....
We intended to visit
this Fort Cornwallis~
Then we found out that we had to pay to go in~
(No way...that's not worth it at all!)
we spent our money and time
at Old Town "Kopitiam" (means coffee shop in Hokkien)
Icecream, ice coffee
and toasts~
Nam nam!!
After a small tea break,
then we said Goodbye to Penang island
and headed home~


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