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Thursday, April 7, 2016

07-04-2016 Bong & His Memory Lane "SP Old street"

When we were back
to my hometown, 
Sungai Petani this Chinese New Year,
I also brought Arne and Andreas
to this 'old memory lane'
which is now...
full with street arts painting~
A lot of the paintings
tell about our state, Kedah
and our hometown, Sungai Petani (SP)~
The first picture with the word "SP LANG"
means SP folks in hokkien (our chinese most common used dialect in SP).
**That cat was REAL
A lot of the "old stuffs" 
from my childhood~
Guess the kids nowadays are not playing so much
outdoor anymore...
I like the fact that they
painted right on the old walls
and didn't re-render, repainting them...
In that case,
the "street arts" and "street walls" can even more "stories"~
Ending this post
with this little wall painting
that tells all about 'Malaysians'~


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