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Sunday, April 24, 2016

24-04-2016 Bong & His 2016 KL Trip Part 2 (From Mid Valley to Taman Connaught night market)

After visiting Batu Cave,
we took KTM train to go to Mid Valley 
to meet my sister, Lay San~
Mid Valley Megamall is 
actually not a very big shopping mall..
at least not in Malaysia...
But still it is perhaps already bigger than the biggest shopping mall in Norway~
We went to Carl's JR burger
to have our lunch~
2 burgers, 
with fries & onion rings
and drinks~
costed less than 120 Norwegian Kroner...
And of course,
did a little windows shopping
plus real shopping
while waiting for my sis~
At 5.30pm,
she met us at the parking lot,
then drove us to Taman Connaught night market!!
It is claimed to be
one of the biggest night market in Malaysia~
And it is only available
once in a week~
which is every Wednesday~
From food to cute little dolls~
Lots of things to shop there...
My sister dropped us at Bangsar station
and we took LRT back to our hotel~
9++ pm 
and still a lot of people in the LRT~
For those that do not know how the system works 
for LRT/KTM,
don't ever throw this little coin,
or even the paper receipt/ticket for KTM~
You need to use this coin to go out from the LRT station
and there might be staffs checking the ticket at KTM arrival station~
That's all for the first day in KL...

To be continued...


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