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Monday, April 11, 2016

11-04-2016 Bong & His 2016 Penang Trip Part 1 (Chew Jetty, Long Bar, Perangin Mall - Georgetown)

We went to Penang Island again
this year~
Since it is near to my hometown
and it is definitely a tourism iconic place to visit~
Same procedure like last year,
my parents dropped us at Butterworth ferry jetty
and we took the ferry ourselves to the island~
Same like last year as well,
the first place that we went
at Penang island
was this Chew Jetty~
It is the biggest waterfront settlements 
in Georgetown~
and the charming parts of this place
(to me)
are the houses built on top of the waterfront settlements~
and the feeling of 
walking on the wood plank above the water~
Looking at how the people
 built the waterfront settlement...
I must say I was very amazed~
Along the Chew Jetty,
you may find a number of shops 
selling souvenir stuffs at very reasonable prices~
(There were less shops this year comparing to last year though)
After visiting Chew Jetty,
we walked around Georgetown area...
(remember to ask for free map from the shop at Chew Jetty!)
From Lebuh Armenian,
we showed Andreas the famous street painting
"The brother & sister with the pao shop"
Besides this cool army tank,
there are numerous of artistic cool stuffs
in Georgetown~
After walking for a 'short while',
the norwegians needed some 'refreshments'~
So we went into this
that happened to pop out in front of us at that time~
While they were drinking,
I went out by myself 
to see more of the surroundings~

After the short rest,
we continued the foot journey~
From outdoor to indoor...
we went into some shopping malls
like Perangin Mall and Komtar
(Very old but still kinda nice)
To be continued....


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