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Monday, April 4, 2016

04-04-2016 Bong & His Easter in the North

Last year we spent out Easter at Trondheim
and this year we were in the North~
-Malangen and Tromsø-
We landed with very bad weather,
lots of snow and strong wind blowing...
but then the next day 
it was just fantastic with sun shine!
It was also my first time
visiting Malangen that
was white with snow~
Boat houses and cabins
were looking so great with snow covering them~
Of course there was
snow tractor cleaning the roads~
According to the 'nordlendinger,
it was actually already not so much snow...
at least not 1 meter yet! hehe~
Part of the sea water and lake water
were also frozen~

we were not complaining
since we were very very lucky with the weather~
We drove to Ansnes 
for dinner...
and next day,
we drove to Stortines for another dinner...
And after one day at Stortines,
we drove to Tromsø for more visiting~
"The sleeping soldier" mountain~
But looked more like
"The sleeping monkey" due to the long mouth~
This year Easter was just a lot of visiting,
and visiting~
Time just flew and I haven't had the chance to go skiing~
may be next year? 
or this year winter?


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